NASA x Balenciaga - The Era of Collabs

NASA X Balenciaga 2021 Fall Collection

Balenciaga x NASA Hoodie

It's the era of collaboration, everyone is collaborating with someone to ride on each others target market, on the positive side this has given birth to a variety of bold and creative designs on the negative side it is almost always sold out and you can expect reseller price to be 2-3 times upwards. 


Balenciaga x NASA Polo T

This time Balenciaga has team up with NASA in their upcoming Futuristic Fall 2021 collection. NASA isn't new to the apparels collaboration scene, Adidas was one of their collaborations last year.  


Balenciaga x NASA T-Shirt

The apparels and bags will feature the iconic NASA logos. The collection is said to be priced between USD150 to USD5,000. 

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